I wish there was a word or phrase for the eager, nervous tension feeling in the pit of your stomach when you start at a new school, a job or in my case an internship. Hello! My name is Meredith Comerford, and I am the new marketing intern at Roundpeg.

I’ll primarily be working on content marketing during my time here at Roundpeg, and I am very excited to learn from this great group of marketing professionals. While I’ve been looking for the right name to label all these first day jitters, I have already started my first day at Roundpeg, and so far it has been a great experience. Meeting everyone has been great and I’m very excited for the next three months.

About Me

So, a little bit about me. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am currently a senior at Butler University, which I can hardly believe. It seems like it was not too long ago that I stopped at Butler on my way to visit family in Chicago and just fell in love with the people and campus. I am majoring in Marketing and have double minors in Art + Design and Digital Media Production. If you are wondering what my two minors have to do with anything, I have a passion for graphic design. Butler sadly doesn’t have a specific graphic design minor, so with both of these minors I can study the art and the technology behind graphic design. I love to find creative and innovate solutions to problems, and I am always ready to learn.

I studied abroad in Nantes, France in the Spring of 2015. So yes, I do know a good amount of French! I had the chance to travel a lot during my studies in France, and cannot wait to go back and explore some more. I love to travel, and especially hike. Some of my favorite places to hike are in Acadia National Park in Maine and Zion National Park in Utah. I would like to hike the Appalachian Trail someday, which is a hiking trail that goes from Georgia to Maine along the Appalachian Mountains. My hobbies include painting, drawing, rock climbing, archery, soccer and reading. I love to read, and have an ever growing reading list. I love works by J.R.R. Tolkien, Kurt Vonnegut, and Jane Austen.

My Goals

Roundpeg is my second marketing internship. My last internship was with FlexPAC, a packaging and janitorial supplies distributor headquartered here in Indianapolis. At my last internship, I had the opportunity to get experience in digital marketing by restarting their social media and writing two blogs. My experience at FlexPAC sparked my interest in content marketing, which is how I came to Roundpeg. I knew Roundpeg would be a great choice for me because of everyone’s combined knowledge of all digital marketing and great work that they have done.

I am here to learn during my internship, so I have some goals for my time here at Roundpeg. I hope that I can grow my overall knowledge of digital marketing, improve my writing skills and learn how to best work with clients. Roundpeg has created such a strong brand for itself while building brand images for all its clients and I am looking forward to learning how to do that. After I graduate, my career goals are work in brand management and content marketing for a company or agency. I’m hoping that my experience at Roundpeg will help me narrow my focus to where I would like to go in the future.

To finish off my first blog at Roundpeg, I have to say that I am very much a cat person. I love dogs too, but if I had to choose I would choose cats. I have a cat at home named Sam (officially Samwise) and he would definitely be jealous of all the time I get to spend with Benny and Clyde. I have been fully welcomed to Roundpeg by Benny and Clyde, and am eager to move forward at Roundpeg as the Fall 2016 Marketing Intern.

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