It’s Sunday afternoon and after sitting in front of a blank word document for over an hour, my computer screen isn’t just mocking me, it’s pointing and laughing. No, this is not another blog post about writer’s block and the 5 best tips for ‘getting the creative juices flowing’. It is however, a collection of my favorite online hang outs for inspiring, thought provoking content.

Like picking the perfect music to accompany a mood, the right blog reflects what you need. Looking for writing tips, design trends or a quick break down of the new Facebook Business Page change? There are plenty of blogs that have you covered. This particular Sunday, I needed something to clear my head and help me remember authenticity is key to good writing.

Voice and Inspiration

Sometimes it’s easier to write an informational blog than digging down deep and writing like a human. Yes, it’s great to mix up your content with solid informational posts, but personal tone goes a long way when you want to connect to a reader. Engaging blogs are blogs with a story and Violetta Nedkova’s writing gives great advice for tapping into your unique voice with a focus on marketing. Reading her writing feels like a conversation with a close friend. She’s funny, uplifting and sometimes a little harsh. The perfect combination for shaking off the negativity and trying something new and more authentic.

Favorite Post: It’s a hard choice with personal favorites like “How Giving Myself Permission to Suck for 30 Days Changed Me and My Creative Process” and “When your authentic voice screams, do you listen?”  Ask me tomorrow and my answer might change, but I found “Speak your truth. A life guide for when things get overwhelming” to be the perfect blend of funny, relatable and helpful. Be warned: this blog comes with a bit of homework.

Social Media

Moving in a different direction, sometimes I do just need the cold hard facts. A lot of what I do here at Roundpeg is social media marketing. Anyone in this industry will tell you it changes daily. Seriously, daily. So absorbing information about new updates never ends. Buffer social, Social Media Examiner and Rebekah Radice are all great resources for tips and trustworthy content.

While those are all good choices, I usually end up at Social Media Examiner because it’s like a gigantic library, comprised of blogs of helpful articles on every aspect of social media. What I like the most is the ease of read with Social Media Examiner. I’m here for the information and this blog delivers.

Favorite Post: I love a good recap and no one does it better than Social Media Examiner’s ‘This Week in Social Media’. Often more info than I need, the weekly list is easy to scan for the information relevant to me. All in one place, reliable and easy to quickly peruse, I stay up to date without spending an hour or so scrolling through social news sites.

Grammar, Punctuation and Words Usage

So fun right? Who doesn’t love reading about grammar? Well, i do and if you do too you’re likely no stranger to Grammar Girl. While I appreciate my AP Style Guide, it’s not usually as efficient as typing in my question and taking a visit to Grammar Girl’s quick and dirty tips. Not only good for standard questions, Grammar Girl writes on a variety of grammar related topics from proper pronunciation to “The 10 Most Accurate Celebrity Tweeters” it actually makes grammar enjoyable.

Favorite Post: “Vonnegut’s Famous Semicolon Advice Was Taken Out of Context” is too good of a read to ignore. Was Kurt Vonnegut throwing shade at the semicolon? All signs point to no, but I highly recommend reading for yourself. A brief breakdown of writing style and a deeper look into the meaning behind Vonnegut’s quote makes this short read a lot of fun. Maybe not the most useful information, but hey maybe it will be a trivia question you get right one day.

There you have it, a few of my favorite resources for tips, encouragement and interesting reads. Regardless of industry, topic or style, there is a blog out there for everyone. Do you have a favorite blog or online writer? Share them in the comments below!

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