Faced with a new challenge you can either muddle your way through not knowing exactly what to do or seek out training. There is a certain pride in being able to say you figured it out on your own, but in many cases simple tasks take longer and you miss opportunities because you don’t know what was possible.

Sometimes a cursory knowledge is all you need. I know an air conditioning unit converts warm air into cold air. I know how to adjust my thermostat or open a vent to let in more or less cold air. Day in and day out, I am comfortable at home because of that basic knowledge. Now if the A/C stops blowing cold air then I would have no clue how to fix it without a significant amount of training or a phone call to a service professional.

The same is true for a website. If your website is built on a WordPress platform there are plenty of tutorials and discussion forums to help you figure out almost anything on your own. But you are trying to run a business, so muddling through a complete redesign of your website may not be the best use of your time.

However as a business owner you should know the basics; how to upload a picture, change a little text and update your security protocols. That’s why we always include two hours of WordPress web training with every site we design. We want you to be comfortable in your website. And if you forget something we teach in the training session, you can always refer to articles in our WordPress Resource Library. 

Our basic web training covers:

  • An introduction to the Dashboard and how to navigate through the site.
  • How to create and edit a post or page.
  • How to add media such as images to individual pages and posts.
  • How to use Yoast SEO so that each page will be indexed appropriately by search engines.
  • How to update your operating system, plug in and themes.

The advanced web training we offer includes:

  • How to add a new page to the navigation bar.
  • How to use categories to cluster related content.
  • How to create new pages using the DIVI builder and specific pages templates.

You aren’t going to be able to build a complete website or make major changes to the site structure with just two hours of training, WordPress is easy to use, but not that easy. You will however have the freedom to run your business and make changes on your own timeline.

Ready for a web update?

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