If you are like most small business owners you don’t have a spare $100,000 lying around to spend on marketing. So as you look for creative ways to break through the clutter, you should think about direct mail.

Wait, that print thing, with a stamp?  Yup, that’s exactly what I am talking about. These days, as companies turn on line for so much of their marketing your prospective client’s mailbox is actually pretty empty. So why not go where your competitors aren’t going? Here are just a few other reasons why direct mail makes sense in today’s ultra plugged-in world.

Direct Mail Marketing:

Is Personal
Unlike a social media post that is targeted to anyone and everyone, your sales letter arrives as a piece of personal communication addressed specifically to a well-qualified prospect. In addition to referring to someone by name (“Dear Ms. Woods”), your message can be customized. This more personal message adds credibility and allows you to create a more relevant offer for a particular customer.


Breaks Through the Marketing Mess
In an average day, your customers are exposed to hundreds, maybe even thousands of messages.  After a while it all becomes an indistinguishable blur of noise, each part shouting to get your customers’ attention. It is easy to be overlooked or forgotten. A simple letter – addressed to your prospects by name – cuts through the media clutter and holds their attention, literally as they hold your letter in their hand.

Is Measurable 
When you send a campaign with a specific offer to a targeted list it is easy to measure the results. Did people call to inquire about the offer? Did you sell the product or service you were promoting?

Improves with Testing
Since you can easily measure direct mail results it is easy to test different messages and offers. Comparing two versions to see which produces better results will give you an idea what to do the next time. With on-demand printing it is easy to send a small quantity to a targeted list and make adjustments before you send a larger campaign so you can improve your results and get the best results from your marketing dollars.

Is Predictable
One advantage of knowing the success rates of your past direct mail campaigns allows you to predict the success of future mailings. If you mail the same package with the same offer to a similar group of prospects, you can accurately predict how many responses you will receive, and how those will translate into sales.

Direct mail won’t solve all your marketing issues

The occasional campaign however, mixed with email, social media and a little face to face networking can help boost your sales at just the right time.

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