We just launched your new website. You may think you’re done, but the work has just begun. To keep your website current and relevant for Google and prospective customers, you need to be updating it on a regular basis. Sound a bit overwhelming?

Well don’t you fret, because when you have a website designed by Roundpeg you have several support options to choose from. To begin with, every client gets an hour or two of WordPress training included in their web design package. We’ll show you everything you need to know to update your operating system to keep it safe, add blog posts with pictures and even edit your primary pages.

We cover a lot of information and that time goes by fast. Maybe you don’t take great notes, or you wait a few weeks to try to make changes so when you get back to the office, you don’t remember how to login, let alone make a change. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Let me introduce you to a website we have built to remind our clients of all the things they learned in training, and many of the things we don’t have time to go over.

Jump over to to view tutorials on basic and even more advanced WordPress tasks such as resetting your password, adding a post, inserting an image, or even adding a video to your site. You can review how to keep the content on your site fresh and current. We have even included some links to our newest white papers, latest seminars and our favorite new marketing tools. We want you to be a success and these tools will help.

That’s all great for little changes, but what if you totally break your site or have a complete shift in your business and need to make major changes in the site. Still no need to panic. We have been building websites on WordPress for 9 years. We made the switch because the platform is easy to update and expand and we also love the fact that the database retains early versions. So whether you want to put something back the way it was, or double the number of pages, there’s no need to panic.

Take a deep breath and call me. You see one of the reasons Lorraine invited me to come back to the ‘Peg was to be the point of contact for any client with a site designed by Roundpeg. So if you get stuck, or can’t remember where those buttons, links, photos or layouts are supposed to be, remember I’m always here through email or a phone call to help bring things back to normal or spend an hour training you on how to complete the task yourself.

We love working with WordPress, and we want you to love your WordPress site too.

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