In business, just like in life, little things can make a big difference. Though keeping your current customers and gaining new ones seems like a huge task, even the smallest of gestures can make the difference in a customer’s mind of who they choose to do business with. What you might see as an insignificant detail could be an instant red flag to a consumer, so let’s make sure you’re doing all the little things necessary to get big things done with your business.


Acknowledge feedback

This is an area where a lot of businesses new to digital marketing fail. When you set up a website or social media account, you invite conversations with your customers. Whether it’s a comment on a blog, a retweet of a Twitter post, or even a reply to your monthly email newsletter, you should always acknowledge customer feedback. Not only does this show dedication and punctuality in maintaining your online presence, but shows people that you have personality and that your business is run by real people.


Keep your “windows” open

I recently helped a client dealing with a customer threatening to post scathing reviews on social media. Why the bad review? The simple fact that the client did not put their phone number on their website. Even if you prefer not to receive customer calls, publish a phone number that leads to a voicemail box from which you can return important calls. The same goes for a mailing address and email address for inquiries. Giving potential customers a “window” to reach you directly communicates dedication to listening to customers and an openness that almost all people appreciate in a business.


Look your Sunday best

While the previous two sections dealt with customer retention, this strategy almost exclusively works to help you attract new customers. I could write a thesis on strategies to publicly present yourself and your business, but let’s stick to the little things:

  • Take good pictures – Those grainy cellphone pictures don’t cut it. Hire someone to photograph you and your team for your website. For daily pictures to use for social media, invest in a decent camera. The most professional, talented team in the world won’t do you much good if no one can see them and their work.
  • Get a real domain – I can’t count the number of times we’ve had to recommend Joe Paintguy to ditch his email account. People see a business email from a Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo account and their first thought is “unprofessional.” Invest in an email domain to match your website, it’s a small cost for big upside.
  • Stay consistent – Your basic logo, your Facebook business page profile picture, your Twitter avatar – if they aren’t all the same, you’re doing something wrong. Consistency across different media will both help your brand awareness and show potential customers that your online strategy isn’t slapdash but instead well-planned and executed.


Thank people

This ties in somewhat to acknowledging feedback, but is important enough to merit its own section. Showing humility and gratitude toward the people that work with you. Your employees, your customers, people who refer your business to others, any business partners or associates you may have through various means – all of these people help your business function and grow. A simple “thank you” to these people, whether it be in person or via email, can go a long way, but there are also less “vanilla” ways of expressing gratitude. Give special offers to long-standing and valuable customers; publicly endorse or plug your business associates’ companies; make your employees feel valued and engaged. Businesses are rarely successful due to just one person or one team, so make sure your customers know that you’re aware of how much help you’ve had.


These little things aren’t going to instantly save a struggling business, but they will help you keep your best image near the front of your customers’ minds. If you’ve implemented the little things, and are ready to move on to tackling the big things in your marketing strategy, get in touch – we’d love to help you take them down.

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