On a small patch of earth, located in the no-man’s-land between Indianapolis and Carmel, sits a little white house. Inside this little white house, there live two cats by the names of Benny and Clyde. These two cats, one cuddly and clumsy, the other smart and a little deadly, let 9 human beings call the place home for several hours every week.

In between taking naps, jumping into fresh pizza pies and quarreling, these two cats are witness to the great imaginings that go on in the little white house, also known as Roundpeg. What are these great imaginings? The cats have witnessed fantastic logo designs, websites that bring to life what a client couldn’t exactly communicate and writing that turns readers into customers. All from a skilled team.

I have been honored to call myself a part of this team for the majority of 2015 and am sad to leave it. But I know that everyone who comes to Roundpeg looking for a website design or an email marketing campaign will be pleased with what this team can create.

The little white house is also a place of fun. When you have a smaller team you get to do things you probably wouldn’t get to do in a corporate environment or on a large team. Things like:

Chasing down a shopping cart.

One day, on my way to work, I saw a giant shopping cart drive up College. I came back and told my coworkers, but I don’t think anyone understood this was not a car that looked like a shopping cart, but an actual shopping cart. Later that day, Rebecca told us it was driving down our street. We ran outside and chased it down. One lost-and-found-GoPro later, Leisha, Sara and I had an exhilarating 2-block shopping cart ride back to work.


Attending Indy Fringe.

Where there also happens to be free donuts.

IMG 3893 e1451412352971

Learning how to swordfight.

Thanks to talented swordspeople, Sara (@sanseraa) and Scott (@lspfeiffer) for sharing this after-school activity with Peter, Jenna and the rest of us.


Trying to get work done while a chubby cat overtakes your keyboard.

It’s like cats don’t even know what productivity is.


Escaping a room with only two minutes left.

You may not know this, but the Roundpeg team moonlights as detectives/art thieves. Quite successful ones, too, as we were able to escape the room with only 2 minutes left of our allotted time.


Auf Wiedersehen, RP

And that’s Roundpeg in a nutshell. I will miss the antics of the cats and also miss the talented people I have gotten a chance to work with. If you ever need web design, graphic design, content marketing or marketing strategy, you can most certainly find it contained within this little white house. Give them a call, you’ll always get them on the first ring (unless there is a giant shopping cart motoring down the street).