First time visit to the Roundpeg blog? There’s lots of cool stuff here to read and learn. So where should you start? Well if you are new you might want to check out some of the most popular posts of all time. And even if you are a regular reader there is a pretty good chance you have missed one or two.

The list includes some posts which are more than two years old, but attract the attention of new readers every day. These popular blogs tend to be on more classic marketing topics or frequently asked questions. Then there are the upstarts, new posts which focus on what’s hot now, keeping the blog on the leading edge of digital marketing. Here’s a few of the most popular posts right now.

Google AdWords vs Yellow Pages

So is there a place for yellow page products in your advertising plan? It depends. If your target market is a young, computer savvy consumer, probably not. However, if you are targeting a senior customer in a specific city or county, carving out a small portion of your online advertising budget for may make sense. Discover which approach makes the most sense for you. Read More

Marketing Basics: Position Statement 

Many of the posts on our blog these days focus on web design and social media. But none of these tools will be very effective without a comprehensive strategy to pull them together. That strategy begins with a brand position statement which outlines who your customer is, what they want and why you are uniquely qualified to serve them. Get the run down on how you write your own brand position statement. Read More

Responsive Sites Make Web Design One Size Fit All

When I wrote this post almost two years ago we were on the cusp of the responsive wave. Even now, there is confusion and questions about the need to go to a responsive site. This post introduces you to the basics. Read More.

Pictures Speak Louder than Words

Just a few years ago, embracing a visual content strategy meant simply putting an image in every blog post and status update. In those days almost any stock image would do. You were simply looking for a bit of eye candy to attract attention. But looking pretty just isn’t enough anymore. Now your images need to work overtime. Discover how to select images which are compelling and meaningful enough to stand on their own. Read More

Evolution of Graphic Design

When you look back at the history of graphic design, especially advertisements, you’ll notice the designs largely reflect what was going on in the world at the time. The design styles are different, because the viewers’ needs were different. You couldn’t, for instance, take the neon geometric patterns of the 80s and use them to instill a sense of patriotism in people after World War II. That would have seemed a bit ridiculous at that time. In this post we take a look at some of the iconic designs through the decades. Read More 

What is your best content?

As you look at your own blog, which topics rise to the top? Do you take time to review what your readers enjoy and give them more of the same? If not, you should be. And if your blogging program is completely stalled, take some time to read our guide to jump start your program.

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