Quick, easy ideas to expand your reach  

So: how’s your email list? Is it growing steadily – or a bit stagnant? And when’s the last time you actually contacted anyone on the list? If you are ready to develop a great list of email addresses to start marketing to, you need a plan. This seminar will help you identify how to gather contacts of people interested in your organization wherever they find you, plus provide tips, technologies and tactics for keeping your contacts organized and segmented for easier, more effective targeted marketing.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  •             Get started with gathering email contacts
  •             Establish an organized contact segmentation process
  •             Grow your email lists online and in person
  •             Keep your subscribers interested & engaged after they sign up

Join us and learn some great strategies for collecting and managing your contact list — so you can start to grow your email list, expand your reach and achieve your goals.