Do you know someone who is never ready to order at a restaurant because she’s been studying the layout and typography on the menu rather than the food? Feels entitled to express her opinion on every new logo launch? Professes her love for ampersands and other curious letterforms such as the semicolon?

Hi, I’m Cherilyn, and I am one of those curious creatures who refers to myself as a designer. But what do I actually do?

A designer can tell you the why behind the what. And if I’m doing my job, you should probably listen. I’ve stared at typefaces so long I can tell the difference between Arial and Helvetica at a glance and have a strong opinion on which would win in a fistfight. Designers love typography so much we probably have a letterform tattooed somewhere so as never to be without. We know you absolutely adore your fluffy Schnoodle, but in most cases, we’ll tell you she probably shouldn’t be the face of your accounting firm’s branding unless you want to use Comic Sans and drop shadows to complete the trifecta. We lovingly tease and occasionally smash the code holding your website in place so it can be viewed and used by the masses with the greatest of ease.

Ultimately, what we do best is work with you to provide quality solutions for your business. It’s what gets us up in the morning, along with three shots of espresso.

I fell in love with design during my first high school Photoshop class, even though design means much more than manipulating profile pictures into wonky caricatures. Since graduating in 2012 with a degree in graphic design from middle-of-nowhere, Ohio, I’ve learned what it takes to make pretty things under a deadline and preferably with a smile.

When I’m not pushing pixels I like to indulge my inner adrenaline junky and hit the mountain bike trails and other outdoor pursuits. As Roundpeg’s first transplant from Pennsylvania, the unbroken expanse of Indiana has welcomed me with open arms. So far I’ve caroused at the Irish Festival and enjoyed a few concerts. Now if someone could just tell me what a Hoosier is.