If you were hoping to read about 80’s pop singer Taylor Dayne, you’ve come to the wrong place. As a consolation, let me tell you about 2000’s writer and newest Roundpeg team member Taylor Daine.


I was born and raised in Indiana, and have never strayed too far from the Midwest, as corn is the source of my power. In addition, Indiana does three of my favorite things better than almost any other state: college basketball, craft beer and the entire season of autumn.

I attended Purdue University, shuffling through disparate majors until I found the field of marketing, and never looked back. Why, at a school renowned for engineering, science, and aeronautics technology, would someone choose marketing? The answer is twofold: I love message crafting and I hate safety goggles.

Too Many Hats

“Career” is a strange word for me, because I’ve been many different things at different points in time, giving me a Homer Simpson-esque work history. I’ve been a trivia writer, a high school Japanese teacher and a museum curator. I’ve worked for a national symphony orchestra, a traveling improv comedy group and a daily newspaper. While at first glance it may seem like a random assortment of jobs, I recently realized that there is a common thread: the theme of message crafting, and discovering new ways of conveying information to different audiences. Once I came upon that realization, it confirmed I had made the right choice of marketing as a career field. 

In an alternate universe I may likely be a music teacher, tethering that same theme to my passion for the arts. Alternate universe Taylor probably also has an ugly goatee, so be thankful you got this one.

Comically Unconventional

Perhaps tying into my history of diverse positions, I’ve always had a fascination with unconventional ways of delivering messages. When I taught Japanese, I themed an entire day around a scene from Austin Powers. I could give a 15 minute lecture on how a marching band show I saw in 2010 was a commentary on the philosophy of Pyrrhonism. In short, unconventional message delivery is a great tool for communication, and one which marketing professionals are only beginning to see the full potential. Of course, this tool isn’t always appropriate, but when utilized correctly can pay huge dividends.

Using and even studying unconventional marketing can give you a more focused lens all-around in deciphering which types of messages work and which don’t in different contexts, and lets you more optimally create unique content for clients. That is my personal goal, and our goal at Roundpeg.

Step In Time

You never need a reason or rhyme to keep producing great work, so let’s get started. I’m ecstatic to be a part of the team here at Roundpeg, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do together. You’re sure to see more blogs from me here in the future, and you can find me on Twitter at @turtledovejones, where I’ll either post about marketing and good writing, or more likely the Green Bay Packers and Wes Anderson movies. Don’t be a stranger.