At Roundpeg, we take blogging seriously. At the very least, we share one new blog 5 days a week. Lorraine and the members of the content team write one informative, marketing oriented blog each week, designers, part-timers and interns generally blog every other week.

Our end goal isn’t Pulitzer prize winning literature. We want to keep small business owners abreast of topics pertinent to marketing and other areas that affect their business. Typically we write about web design, social media, email marketing, strategy and design.

Now and again, we go off the grid and ramble. Sometimes these blogs are intros to new employees, interns or 4-legged companions who grace our work space. Other times, we write about issues of concern, rants about life inside an agency, interesting conversations or simply funny stories we think are worth sharing.

You can always find these out-of-scope posts by searching the Rambling category or simply reading a few of my favorites here:

I Can Do That –  When Lorraine started Roundpeg, she often found herself saying “I can do that” to a prospective customer. While cool and confident on the outside, the little voice in her head was screaming frantically, “Are you crazy? You have never done that. You don’t know how to do that!”

That willingness to take on challenges the company wasn’t always prepared for helped us grow into the organization we are today. We still look for that “can-do” attitude when interviewing potential employees, with a side of I’ll figure it out.

One New Thing a Month – Part of the challenge of owning a small business is a certain amount of impatience as we try to attack a series of problems all at once. But the key to being successful is trying to implement changes one thing at a time.

Take Flight With New Opportunities – In our otherwise hectic lives, we are sometimes too busy to recognize the opportunities life puts in our path. We are too busy with something else, or we see it and choose not to take advantage of the opportunity. We get so focused on the little things we miss the chance for something great. This post was a reminder to be open to something fun, wonderful or, as business owners, something profitable.

The Extra Day – Ever wish for more hours in a day? How about that “extra” day in a leap year? What do you do with that extra day? You will have that chance next February. Maybe you should make a plan for a few ways to spend that day.

Why Playing Hooky Can Help Your Business – Do you ever pay your employees to not work? Food for thought on why you might want to change your policy from time to time.

As you work on your own blog for your business remember that not every post has to be about business. Sometimes it is okay to let a little bit of your personality shine through.