Giving visitors to your website a small taste of the people who make up your team on a ‘Meet the Team’ page is great, but what if visitors want to know more? Longer, more in-depth employee interviews allow visitors and potential customers to get to know team members before they choose to work with your company.

If you’re in the home services industry, employee interviews make your customers feel more at ease when scheduling an appointment. They reduce the customer’s discomfort of having a stranger work in their home by giving them a better idea of who they will be inviting in.

Employee interviews are also great content to feature on your blog, company newsletter and social media accounts. Loyal customers who have worked with you for years get the chance to learn something new about a staff member, viewing them as real people with families and hobbies.

Don’t forget to include photos along with the interviews so people can put a face with the name. The photos featured on the ‘meet the team’ page are fine, but more personal and informal photos work well too (as long as they are appropriate).

Questions for Employee Interviews

Here are some common questions I like to ask when conducting employee interviews:

How long have you worked for (insert name of company) and what are your daily responsibilities?

This is a good starter question to get the ball rolling. If an employee has worked for your company for seven, eight or 10+ years, this question allows the employee to explain why they stay year after year. The positive comments will help attract prospective employees and reassure customers they will receive a consistent level of service because there isn’t a huge turnover rate within your company.

As employees provide information about the types of projects or tasks they manage, prospects and customers will become better informed so when they call your office, they know more about what you do and who they need to talk to in order to answer their questions.

Make sure you feature the number of years of training they have completed and their industry expertise. Ask them for examples of times they have solved problems on the job and provided exceptional customer service.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

This helps give readers an idea of what your employees are like outside of work. What hobbies do they have? Are they avid campers? Do they volunteer for nonprofit organizations?

They don’t need to share every single little detail of their life in the interview, but a few fun facts don’t hurt. You never know, someone reading an interview might call to work with your company simply because they relate to your employees on a more personal level.

What’s the strangest question a customer has ever asked you?

When I conduct employee interviews for our clients I love to ask this question. I’m  intrigued to hear the unusual things they are asked. The responses provide interesting information not normally found on a company’s website or ‘products and services’ page. Answers to these questions occasionally lead to new blog posts too.

The Lighter Side

Your blog does have a business purpose, but each individual post doesn’t have to be all business all the time. The employee interviews filled with some personal information and fun facts bring a lighter side to your blog, helping current or future customers feel more comfortable working with your team.

You won’t know what exciting stories your employees have to share until you start interviewing them so get started today.