Having office pets provides hours of laughter and joy. But when it is time to say goodbye, there are lots of tears too. This week we said good bye to Truman, the lovable, somewhat smelly gentleman who charmed his way into our hearts.


From the moment he walked into our little white house, Truman knew he was home. There wasn’t any of the temporary shyness you might expect. This former trailer park resident was immediately comfortable and set about introducing himself to everyone in the house.

That became his daily routine.  Every morning he would wander from desk to desk, stopping to head butt Jenna, drink from Peter’s water glass or knock something off the shelf behind my desk.

After making the rounds, he would settle in for a hard day at the office which usually involved sleeping on someone’s arm, sleeping on their papers or sleeping in the sunshine behind Anne’s desk.

Did I mention that he liked to sleep?


Fun fact: It takes your arm about 4 minutes to fall asleep when there’s a massively dense cat laying on it.

Truman at Work

The job of a Roundpeg cat can be a tough one with meetings to attend and customers to greet. Truman was well suited to the challenges.

Almost more dog than cat by nature, this very social boy would often come when Peter called. He always wanted his seat at the table and was ready to welcome all visitors to the ‘Peg, confident they were there to meet him.

He took his work assignments seriously laying between Jenna and her keyboard so he could participate in the design process.  

Truman never saw a water cup he didn’t immediately assume was his. While he enjoyed drinking from his personal Roundpeg mug, it was the red plastic water cups which were his favorite. He loved the challenge of seeing how much water he could get before spilling the balance.

A talented gymnast he stretched regularly, practiced for his roles in the lion king and dirty dancing, and posed with soccer balls and football helmets.

He was amazingly patient when we dressed him in a dragon costume for Halloween and absolutely dashing in his bow tie for our annual New Year’s Eve photo.



While he and Clyde pretended to dislike each other they actually seemed to enjoy each other’s company. After the 9 am run through the building they would often settle in side by side on chairs, desks, in the window or balanced on a printer. She won’t admit it, but I think Clyde will miss him most of all.

 Truman and Clyde - The Boxing Match

Truman and Clyde in their Chairs

Truman-and-Clyde-Wakeup call

Truman waiting for his turn on the printer

Truman and Clyde - The Faceoff

Truman and Clyde in the window