When you are selling in someone’s home there are lots of things you can do to make the sales process more personal. Taking a look at your in-home business and maintenance processes can give you ideas for increasing customer satisfaction and generate more sales.

In this week’s episode, Lorraine and Jarred discuss new and effective ways for HVAC companies to improve their customer service and marketing plans to build trust with customers and develop lasting relationships. You’ll learn some traditional and modern digital ways to reach out to and retain lasting customers.


  •  HVAC customers need to trust you to enter their home. Build “About Us” content which showcases your team and proves you’re actual human beings.
  • Asking for digital reviews, whether positive or negative, lets you show how you’ve served others and builds search engine trust.
  • Clean up your website so you look accountable, involved and professional. Customers care about your appearance online.

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