FAQ’s Give You a Home Court Advantage.

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Here’s Why  FAQs are Integral to your Sales Game

As the football season is winding down and basketball season is heating up, teams know there is an advantage to playing on their home field. Beyond the familiarity with every inch of the field, there is the supportive crowd which cheers them on and gives them the confidence to play their best. In every sport, the traveling team has to work a little harder to get the upper hand.

If you sell a product or service, you know what I mean when I say sales can be a lot like a sports competition and it is nice to have the home field advantage. If you can get a customer to come to your office or showroom, you’ve already scored the first point.

When you sell home services like carpet cleaning, roofing or plumbing you rarely have a chance to play on your own turf. The sales pitch is almost always in the customers house, where they are most comfortable and you are a little off balance.

To level the playing field, a little information goes a long way. Using email, social media and maybe even printed material to answer frequently asked questions and introduce your team will prepare the prospect to say “Yes.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Level the Playing Field 

It is great when a customer is interested enough to ask questions. This is a signal they are engaged in the conversation. However, too many questions at the wrong time can derail a sales presentation. To avoid this, create a list of the most common questions. Post the answers to these typical FAQs on your website and send the link in an email when you confirm the sales call.

How to Buy

The average homeowner doesn’t buy new carpet or an air conditioner regularly. This  lack of knowledge may make them uncomfortable and even a little defensive. Sharing the “rules of the game” alleviates the fear as the customer sees there is a process and you can help them through it.

Consider creating a buyers guide or a check list which outlines things people should know before they buy. Keep this information based, not sales oriented and offer it as a download from your website.

This information should not only be sent to prospects but is helpful as a tool to grow your list of new qualified prospects. Only people thinking about replacing their floor are going to download a Hardwood Flooring Guide.

Who are you

Every sales call begins with an uncomfortable moment as the customer decides if they like or trust you. Help your sales people move through that part of the game quickly by introducing them with a link to a photo, video or bio.

Ideally this information should be hosted on the Meet the Team or About Us section of our website. If you have a larger organization, you might link to Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn profiles instead.

What other people say

Have you ever been watching a game and the crowd around you is cheering wildly? Their enthusiasm is contagious and suddenly you are cheering too. Reviews on your website, or better yet sites like Angie’s List, Yelp and Google+  help bring the roar of the crowd into your sales call.

Win Everywhere

A professional athlete (or salesperson) who is well prepared, knows the plays and practices before the game and will be able to score on any court. So gather your tools and do your homework to make you feel as if you are playing on your home court with every sale.

The Home Court Advantage

by Lorraine Ball | More than a Few Words

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