How could I best sum up Natalia Welch to you? Let’s see: A transplant from Connecticut currently studying Marketing at Butler University with a strong passion for life, adventure, and- most importantly- pizza. Indianapolis had always been a 4th of July destination for my family and me to partake in the joys of our yearly family reunion.

During my college decision process, I absolutely fell in love with Butler University and its beautiful grounds, adorable bulldog mascot (GO DAWGS!) and fabulous business program. Indy has truly become a second home over the past 3 ½ years. This May I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree and a million new ambitions.

Roundpeg is my fourth marketing internship. I have previously worked for h.h.gregg, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and Getting the opportunity to jump from retail to nonprofit to online has been amazing and I can’t wait to learn the ins and outs of working at a marketing firm. Other than the friendly cats, I knew Roundpeg would be a great fit once I saw the passion each individual has for the company and their job. I was enveloped with an overwhelming positive energy which was simply contagious. I can’t wait to see what my internship holds in store for me over the semester!

As for my learning goals during my internship, I really hope to improve my writing skills, learn the best approaches for working with clients and discover how Roundpeg has created such a strong brand image, while simultaneously helping create strong voices for each of its clients. Ultimately, I would love to pursue a career in brand management and perhaps even work towards sharing my skills at a collegiate level as a professor (one day.. maybe).

While writing this, I am covered head to toe in a stylish new fashion trend called “cat hair.” Clyde has given me a true welcome to the team by extending to me a large amount of fluffy cat hair to help tie together my ensemble. With cat hair and excitement in tow I am ready to begin my duties as the Roundpeg Marketing Intern- Spring 2015 edition.

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