Pinterest is a blast of beauty. It evokes desires, dreams and creativity to each of its users. So as a business owner, how do you create brand presence amidst the flurry of bright colors? And even further, what does creating a presence even entail?

Simply stated, your Pinterest presence should look exactly like your business. It should evoke the same message you write within your core values and strive to inspire within your employees and customers. The only difference is, it’s not a written bullet point list, but rather a visual representation of your brand’s values and goals.

Pretty Pictures

Start with pretty, crisp and clear images. Not all your pins need to be your original photography. Pinterest is a social community so the idea is to find and share images which fit your brand. When scrolling through Pinterest daily, repin images which stand out and showcase the voice of your brand.

An added bonus of repinning is you may expand your followers. Each repin notifies users who have a similar interest or style as your company. Chronicle Books does a seriously amazing job of finding unique ideas, from incorporating books into your wedding to breath-taking library architecture which may be of interest to their readers.


Create Eye-Catching Boards

Not all your followers will be interested in everything you share. Make a multitude of  boards for specific subtopics within your Pinterest. Catchy board titles attract attention and help visitors grasp a sense of a company’s style. Individual boards give users a chance to quickly scroll through to see related pins.

Consider your business throughout the seasons and over the years. What are the highlights? Lilly Pulitzer showcases two boards per season. The first board is dedicated to their inspirations, which lets the viewer into the mind of a Lilly Pulitzer designer through a beautiful story of nature, design and color palettes. The second board features new products in their seasonal line which are the result of the inspiration. It is appealing to see the final product and the thoughts and steps along the way.


Voice Capturing Descriptions

Descriptions on Pinterest often get the short end of the stick or are completely ignored. The pictures tell a visual story which will be interpreted by the viewer, but the descriptions clarify your company’s voice and brand.

Make your descriptions a must-read. This is your chance to show your sense of humor and your story telling abilities. If the description includes key words, it will improve your chances to be found when people are searching for products like yours. Whole Foods Market does an excellent job of describing their pictures. Not only do they list the main ingredients of the dish, they also provide descriptions which leave a reader’s mouth watering.


Pinterest can be a great extension of your brand’s image when you make it your own and put thought into each pin. Just a few minutes a day goes a long way to create an interesting presence. Now, go to your computer and starting pinning!

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