You Need to Laugh Today

by Oct 31, 2014Blog, Roundpeg

Have you laughed today? No? Well, we have to fix that. Laughter is important. While we do serious work at Roundpeg, part of what fuels our creativity are distractions like short videos or a silly art project which results in new items being added to our bulletin board.


Maybe you don’t work with fun creative people. That is no excuse- you still need to find time to laugh. Just in case you haven’t run into anything funny today, I asked our team for links to some of their favorite humor sites- the ones they visit when they just need a break. Here are just a few of the ones which topped our list.

Go ahead, click one or two and have a few laughs on us. We’ll still be here when you come back.

The Onion – This satirical news site takes aim at every thing from from politics and pop culture to science and sports, The Onion pokes fun at every thing. Some of their features are so ridiculous you know they are kidding. Other headlines are so close to the truth you have to wonder if the story really was ripped right from the headlines.

Papermag Morning Funnies – A collection of strange and amusing photos gifs and videos from all over the web. These quick shots at pop culture give you a smile at a glance.

Wondermark – What happens when you cross  old fashioned stock illustrations and comics with new captions? You end up with a site which is sometimes sardonic or dark, but also incredibly funny.

Digg Video –  Not quite as unwieldy as YouTube, the videos submitted have been tagged and categorized. Jarred really liked the Dogs pretending to be Supreme Court Justices. There is no sound on this particular video so you can watch in the office and no one will know you are taking  a break. That is until you start to laugh out loud. My personal favorite? Justice Ginsberg portrayed by a chihuahua.

Rotten eCards – You know all those silly, somewhat insulting greeting cards you see on Facebook? This is where many of them start.

Happy Place – Is the lighter side of  RotteneCards with funny, but less biting humor on their greeting cards and a collection of popular short videos.  Anne’s favorite video is this silly short of two dogs stalking each other.

Still here? Go, click something!

Welcome back. Now don’t you feel better? Of course you do, because beyond just brightening your day there are all sorts of good medical reasons why you need to laugh, today and every day:

  • Laughing lowers blood pressure and reduces stress hormone levels – Want to reduce your chance of a heart attack or stress related injury? Laugh early, laugh often.
  • Laughing boosts disease fighting T cells and triggers the release of endorphins – You feel better with a short laughter high, and the longer benefits of a healthier you.
  • Improves your cardiac health and works out your abs – Ok, so it won’t replace a trip to the gym, but it does get your heart pumping, burning calories and sending more oxygen to your brain so you can focus and maybe even have that great break through you were looking for.

So back to my first question, have you laughed today? And if you did, what was funny? Share it here. And if you were really stubborn, and didn’t click on any of those links, spend another 15 seconds and watch this short video of Clyde’s acrobatic antics. Just one of the many things which makes us smile every day at the ‘Peg.