Not for one second did I ever think I would be blogging on a weekly basis. Ever. I read blogs all the time and as a web designer I have always found the instructional blog posts people write to be extremely helpful. It’s not that my writing skills are poor, I’ve just always been under the impression that blogging is something only people who have a degree in a creative writing field can do.

You can image my shock when I joined the Roundpeg crew and realized I was going to be blogging on a weekly basis. So many emotions sort of creeped through me slowly and after the initial dismay, feelings of anxiousness set in. The hardest part for me was getting past that first post. The anxiousness slipped away and since then I feel better and better about blogging every week.

I am still very far from pro status, but I can tell you right now that it’s been a very enlightening, healthy experience for me to find my own writing voice and start to feel comfortable using it. There are always things to write about and if you are active with social media and chose topics that are relevant to your audience you really can’t go wrong. Ultimately, I believe it was simply the fear of the unknown that kept me from truly embracing blogging as a super way to get yourself out there and start building a reputation.

Sometimes the most difficult part can be finding a topic to write about, other times finding the right words in general trip me up. I have not been in the blogging business long enough to encounter some of the problems others do, but thankfully there are hordes of bloggers out there giving plenty of insight into how to deal with some of the issues you might encounter. Things like writer’s block, how to keep your blog fresh and reusable content to name a few.

Everyone approaches situations differently and sometimes we have tendencies to prolong the inevitable just because we can. If you know you should be blogging, but for some reason you just keep dragging your feet, I want to encourage you to buck up and start today. Unless you are a super gifted writer, it’s never going to be easy so don’t expect it to be. Just don’t use that as an excuse not to.

Looking for more reasons to get out there and start blogging? Download our guide to starting a blog and dive in!