Before customers decide to buy from you they need to get to know you. While social media gets plenty of attention in the modern age of marketing it isn’t a total solution.  If you want to create a process to drive traffic to your website, convert visitors to prospects and prospects to clients? Then you can’t ignore email marketing.

In this interactive session, we’ll show you how to create a process which works automatically to move prospects through your buying cycle 24/7.

Discover how communicating with your customers regularly can help you stay connected, and generate increased referrals, repeat sales, and unwavering customer loyalty.  We will Discuss:

  • Building a Quality Email List – Why permission-based email marketing makes smart sense for your business, with tips for starting, building, and maintaining an effective list of email addresses.
  • Creating Valuable Content – Deliver content that’s exciting, meaningful, and relevant… at the right time… in the right format.
  • Getting Email Delivered and Read – Learn about the techniques and technology that can help get your email delivered, and the subject lines that will get it opened and read.
  • Using Email & Social Media Together – Ways to use email and social media together that generate the best results via both platforms.

Next Session is a Webinar: June 9  – 4PM – Reserve your space today.