Branding is easy when starting new company. You have a clean slate; no history, no expectations or existing impressions to overcome. Decision makers have the freedom to experiment with design, colors, voice and media perception without having to manage an existing reputation.

That isn’t the case when an 11 year old company decides to change their name and consolidate their services.

Our guest this week- Muhammad Yasin, the Marketing Director at PERQ- shares the ups and downs of that company’s recent re-branding exercise. We discuss everything from expected shifts in company culture and procedure to timelines for purchasing newly branded promotional items. This is one you don’t want to miss!

Show Highlights:

  • Rebranding takes cultural buy-in. Make sure everyone has a voice in the decision process.
  • Changing your name and brand colors is exciting. Don’t let it lead to reckless promotional spending before finalizing your design concepts.
  • Trust your marketers. If they say the board room will only be neon-purple for one day before the paint dries, take them at their word.
  • Build a brand guide. Employees at all levels of your organization should get familiar with its concepts.