Think online advertising is the next step for your business? Are you already spending money online but aren’t sure if you’re making the right choices? Small business owners have a lot to gain from effective online advertising, and we’re here to discuss how to do it right.

This week Jarred and Lorraine talk about the  pros and cons of each of the major online advertising players, including social media advertising options. They cover everything from laying out and testing an online advertising budget to determining which ad platform best fits your business and customer groups. If you’re at all considering investing in advertising or want to grow your presence online, you’ll want to hear what our hosts have to say!

After you listen to the program if you still want more, download our white paper on this same topic.

Highlights from this show:

  • Do you know where you need to be advertising? Take a step back and evaluate whether your brand is right for Facebook or if Google is a better fit.
  • There are plenty of buzzwords to familiarize yourself with in the realm of online advertising. We cover everything from click-through rates (CTR) to pay-per-click (PPC).
  • Budgeting is a key component of effective advertising. Making sure you spend enough day to day can be the difference between making a sale and missing customers.