Our designer Jenna refers to my blog posts as “dramatic.” I consider my posts to be straightforward and a little sassy. Do I word things a certain way to make my point come across stronger? Sure. Is that dramatic? Maybe.

I don’t like to sugar coat my thoughts on social media and marketing because I don’t think anyone benefits from it. For example, I wrote a blog titled: “Your Web Copy is Garbage.” I could have titled it “How to Write Better Web Copy,” but that doesn’t have the same dramatic impact.

Is being dramatic bad for your blog posts? Not at all! A dramatic title, headline or opening paragraph is a great way to reel the reader in before you hit them with the facts.

Scare your customers senseless 

This sounds awful, but it’s extremely effective. It’s at the top of the list as far as dramatic blog posts go. This type of dramatic post works well for home service companies. Use your blog posts to tell your customers about all of the ways they can damage their home flooring and appliances. Customers want to know the mistakes they have unknowingly been making.

Try writing a blog post about what happens if you neglect yearly HVAC checkups or how to ruin your carpet while cleaning. Striking the fear of disaster into your clients might be dramatic, but it gets their attention and the phones will start ringing.

It’s time to get brutally honest

The truth hurts. Sometimes your customers need a healthy dose of honesty and reality. Things aren’t always going to be sunshine and rainbows no matter how optimistic you are. Your customers need to know that life happens and sometimes things malfunction. Pipes burst, machines shut down- you know the drill.

Writing a blog post that brings some honest drama is great for your customers because it shows them you understand their frustrations and have a solution. A blog post about common causes for furnace trouble gives customers honest insight into what’s wrong with their furnace and why.

You are the expert. Act like one

At Roundpeg we like to express our opinions about web design, content marketing, social media and graphic design. We give our customers personal insight into the world of marketing through our blogs because we are the experts. If we think sliders are terrible for your website, we’re going to let you know.

We might present these posts in a dramatic fashion, but they get attention. Our customers know we are on top of what is happening in our field which makes us more knowledgeable of what marketing trends will work and won’t work in their specific industry. Follow our lead. Write posts that show you are an expert in your field. Make your opinions known.

Blog posts, much like life, would be boring without a little drama. You don’t have to make every single one of your posts dramatic; you’re not trying to win an Academy Award. A few bits of drama sprinkled into your blog every now and then doesn’t hurt. You have to find the angle that works best for your business.