Twitter is the ticker tape newsreel of the modern era. It’s a global watering hole, perfect for researching the latest trends, following breaking news, and interacting with the needs of customers. Its low barrier-to-entry puts everyone from celebrities to plumbers on the same playing field. Have you found your brand’s voice among the crowd?

This week, Lorraine introduces newcomer Jarred Juett to the Roundpeg family. They discuss the maturation of  Twitter – from its infant stage as a platform for snark, gossip, and true innovation, to its evolution as a tool for customer service, broadcasting, and transparent communications.

Show Highlights:

  • Twitter has become a main voice in brand marketing.
  • Companies must train their employees to know the company twitter voice and what content is important to share.
  • Business owners need 2 twitter accounts: one business and one personal. Don’t use same post for both accounts.
  • Don’t ignore Twitter, it moves and impacts brands faster and more directly than Facebook.