The World Wide Web is the ultimate source for unlimited information. How often do you find yourself traveling through this digital land of knowledge in search of some sort of enlightenment? We have all surfed the Web; in fact, you had to surf the web to find this blog post right now. With all this information flowing in, you find yourself wanting to save some of your favorite sites so you can revisit them in the future. Before you know it, you’ve gone click-happy and your bookmarks tab is filled with an unrecognizable cluster of links.

I found myself dealing this issue pretty often. It became a real problem for me since I consistently use three different browsers interchangeably and each one has its own muddle of saved information. Not to mention that I have no idea which browser contains which bookmarks.  Fortunately, I finally found a viable solution for my bookmarking issues. I now use daily in place of all the other browser bookmarking features out there.  I’ve spent too much time mourning the loss of bookmarks while using Safari’s “Reading List,” Internet Explorers’ “Favorites” or Firefox’s toolbar for bookmarklets.

I can save all of my bookmarks to the website. Just like I an access my Gmail account from any browser and get my email, I can access my account from anywhere and have access to all my bookmarks. The interface is clean and I love the idea of having a dedicated space for bookmarks. It seems everything these days is going cloud, so why can’t your bookmarks come along for the ride? It makes perfect sense! The site allows you to bookmark, or in this case, save links by simply typing in front of any URL in your browser’s address bar. You can also save your links in lists by typing in front of any URL. When you do this, a new list will automatically be created for you.

Although was not designed so the user would need to use extensions or plugins, there is an extension available for Google Chrome to make the saving process even faster for those who would rather take that route. Ultimately, this is definitely a site that you are going to want to check out for all of your bookmarking needs.

photo credit: The Nick Page via photopin cc