Thanks-for-callingI was born with the gift of gab, and while I can definitely annoy my coworkers with endless chatter, I put my skills to use by picking up the phone every day to talk to people about Roundpeg. New business doesn’t grow on trees, and a phone call can start the sales conversation.

So who do we call? We start with past clients, someone we’ve built a website for or worked with on printed materials. The beauty of a phone call is that it’s a gentle reminder from us, and we get a chance to catch up. In my case, I get to interact with clients who don’t know me – those calls give me a chance to introduce myself.

When you call old clients, you get to learn what’s new in their business. A quick chat can help you reestablish the relationship. Have they grown or downsized? Are they offering a different set of services than they were when you worked with them last? There’s a good chance that their needs have changed since you last worked together.

Listen, really listen to what they say during that phone call. Based on what they say, it’s your chance to let them know that you’ve grown as a business as well and can help them with new projects. You might offer services they weren’t aware of and now is a good time to let them know.

Picking up the phone and actually calling can leave a greater impression than just an email. It puts you in the front of mind when that past client is ready for an updated brochure or is ready to purchase new equipment. While the phone call might not lead to a sale it could open the door to a referral. The point is, if you don’t call on those old clients, you’ll never know. Someone else will get their new business and you’ll still be looking for your next sale.

This is also a good time to get their contact information updated in your records (and do the same for them if you’ve had any changes in your information). Ask them if they’d like to be on your mailing list or attend an upcoming event. It’s a great way to keep connected even after the call.

So if you’re a past client, don’t be surprised if you get a phone call from us. And I encourage you to go through your old book of business and call your past clients.  And if you have questions feel free to give us a call as well

photo credit: Mark Fischer via photopin cc