Our intern Corey Venable has the left the building. and we wish her well.  Here are a few parting thoughts as she heads out to the next phase of her life.

Summer’s almost over, meaning my summer internship is coming to a close. It’s weird knowing in a few weeks I won’t be buying notebooks, pens and the numerous other art supplies I needed for my college degree. Nope, it’s all over now (unless I want to go back…). I just want to do everything, and I don’t know how to start a career in “everything.” While I’m pondering my next steps, I’m looking back at the last few months to see what I have learned since graduation.

There are many things they don’t or can’t teach you about in school, or maybe things I learned that I assumed had to be different out in the “real world.” It’s made me wish I had had more design experiences during college, which I don’t even know how that could’ve been possible. So here are some things I have learned while having the opportunity to be a part of the Roundpeg team.

1. Clients are all different. Not one of them is similar to another, and they all want and expect different things. You have to understand how to talk to each one, and how to make the most out of the conversations you have with them, and how that is achieved most efficiently. It’s similar to how we all learn in a different way; There is no universal way to design, like there is no universal way to communicate.

2. It’s good and okay to take breaks every once in a while. Occasionally in the afternoons we would have a sunshine break, or talk about something that happened in the news. It’s good to hear about other people’s opinions and talk about something not work related every once in a while. It gives a mental break and can get you energized again.

3. Handling multiple projects can be overwhelming, but is sometimes great. I’ve been asked before in interviews how many projects I like to work on at once, and I had always been afraid of saying more than one or two. I didn’t know what that looked like at the time, and thought it would be easiest. Looking back, I’ve realized the more projects I have, the more efficient I am. With more things on my plate, I can juggle it better and work more productively. When I start feeling stuck on something, I can jump to something else and go back later to evaluate where I was at.

So to take from my experiences here at Roundpeg is personal and professional growth. As I start my next adventure, I’ve seen inside the marketing lifestyle, and am interested in using my new skills and insights to improve the world around me.