By Corey Venable

CoreyI’m a recent college graduate, so I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about the world of design and how I can influence it. Strategic design has the ability to amplify conversations, and my desire to be a part of these conversations is how I came to be the latest graphic design intern here at Roundpeg.

I graduated in May 2013 with a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI. I’ve interned with Achieve Guidance, a creative fundraising agency, and the Indiana Historical Society, working with exhibition and graphic design. Though I have a love for exhibition design and museums, I also have a love for nonprofits and small businesses, and enjoy using my graphic design skills to help them. Roundpeg is a great next step in my portfolio because I think it will teach me more on how to interact professionally with clients, and will allow me to keep learning about design (as well as many other strange and weird subjects, as I’ve already found). I’ve realized that school didn’t teach me everything I need to know and that I need to be in a marketing business environment to learn a few more things that I’m interested in to start out my career.

In my first week of Roundpeg, I have worked on a presentation, participated in the weekly projects list meeting, found images for client websites, and designed a fan for a trade show. I even had lunch with the team on my first day and have felt more and more involved with them since then.

Another awesome aspect of Roundpeg are the two cats, and the little white house it’s in. Though the cats seem to stay away from me and enjoy scratching at the back of my chair. I like having them here because it makes me miss my cat a little less. It also makes me a bit more okay with not having a cat myself here in Indy. I would love to have any sort of pet, but know at this moment I’ll have to do with looking at pictures on social media and by playing with the cats here. It makes for a great atmosphere and work environment.

Originally from Fort Wayne, I am also in the process of making Indy my permanent home, or at least for another few years. I’ve been boxing up school projects and everything I own to get ready for the new starts that come with the end of school. So here’s to those new starts, and to this internship!