A marketing conversation for small business owners

More than a Few Words, our podcast, has gone through several iterations. It was started with brief snippets of Lorraine talking, none lasting more than a few minutes. It grew into a slightly more regular series spearheaded by our former project manager Jay. Finally, it became a more formal and longer radio series with Lorraine interviewing friends, clients and muckety-mucks in the marketing industry. It was fun, but when we sat down and really looked at the analytic reports, there was a pattern in which shows were the most popular. With few exceptions, the shows that got the most downloads and listens were just Lorraine and me talking about whatever was new in marketing that week, from web design trends to social media scandals to logo redesigns. It made sense: This kind of content plays into our new guiding philosophy of content only you can create.

So to stay true to that idea, we’ve decided to overhaul MTFW once again. Starting Tuesday, June 4, the revamped More than a Few Words will be a pre-recorded conversation on the marketing topics of the day. Lorraine and I often have friendly disagreements over marketing, so the conversation should be lively, though we promise to try to keep the colorful language at a minimum. From time to time, we may have a few friends drop by and join the conversation as well.

You’ll still be able to download the podcast from iTunes and take the latest news and commentary on social media, web design,  marketing and graphic design with you. We hope you’ll enjoy this new style of More than a Few Words. We believe in constantly changing, testing and challenging ourselves. So come along with us for the ride.