One of the keys to creating a successful blog is to pay attention to the posts which people respond to by reading, commenting on and sharing on social media. To stay on top of this information, we routinely look at our most popular posts. We review the list to be sure we are sharing content people are most interested in. There are often great lessons in the analytics reports.

We also use that data to create a periodic roundup of the best of our blog because we know many loyal followers don’t come back every day. This list lets you keep up with the best of Roundpeg. So what was hot in the last 30 days? Here  are just a few of the top five posts in the last 30 days:

Craft Beer Breweries Realize the Need for Strong Branding

On a dreary Friday, Tamre shared her thoughts about branding in the craft beer industry. It was a fun way to bring together something she loved (beer) with something she does for work (marketing). The result was a post that was a bit different for Roundpeg. The response has been great as the post reached many people who would not typically read the blog. One even became a client. The Lesson: Don’t be afraid to wander a bit off your core topic. It makes the blog more interesting to a wider audience.

Marketing Basics: Position Statement

Almost a year old, this was part of series on basic marketing. Sometimes, I think people confuse marketing with promotion. But there is so much more to marketing than just PR/advertising, and it all starts with a clear position statement. The Lesson: Great, timeless, evergreen content will continue to drive traffic long after the publish date. 

Logo Design Tips

We aren’t trying to get our clients to do this type of design work themselves, but there are things every business owner should know about the process of logo design. Jenna shared some of these tips in a recent post.  Given the amount of interaction, this was definitely something our readers were interested in learning more about. The Lesson: Don’t be afraid to educate your customers. The more they know, the more they will appreciate how hard it is to do what you do. 

Rounding out the top five list were two posts on content  marketing, Think Like a Publisher and The Cruel Truth about Inbound Marketing. If you missed any of these posts, here is your chance to catch up or browse or blog and find your own favorites. Then go back to your own website, dive in to the analytics and see what lessons are waiting for you.