Finding new ideas isn’t always easy when you’ve committed to writing quality blog content. You’ve taken the pledge to stay away from gimmicky posts. You’ve written about things that are fun. Now where do you go? Back to the beginning.

It’s difficult to find new angles when you’re in a niche industry or provide a very specific product. There’s only so much you can write if you’re in a line of work that doesn’t see a lot of change. Don’t be afraid to take what you already have and make it work to your advantage. Your blog is a goldmine of content you can reuse and refresh to your benefit. Look back through your blog to your first posts when you were inspired and had so to share with the world. Providing a new perspective to your original post or expanding on an idea you’ve covered can be just as good as something brand new.

When Roundpeg started, the early blog content was short and sweet with links to resources and content. Now we go back and fill them out with more content or a fresh perspective. There’s a post Lorraine has updated over 10 times to grow with Roundpeg’s evolution. The original content is still valuable, but the supporting ideas have changed. As the craft beer scene continues to grow, I’ll discuss the branding and marketing strategies of breweries as a follow up to the original post. Even a “whoa, I blew it on that one” post as a follow up to your “this year’s predictions”  is interesting and you’re putting your money where your mouth is.

Highlighting resources like planning worksheets or a budget tool you’ve always offered is helpful to newer readers or customers who may not be aware of them. Your evergreen content can be polished and republished, especially if it’s a seasonal topic. Take a look at your most popular posts and refresh them if they can be reworked or updated to reflect current trends or advancements in technology. Don’t feel like once a post is published you can’t revisit it and update it, especially if there’s a big change in your industry and you’ve written about it before.

Your blog is an organically evolving  place for you to grow your ideas and content. That’s what makes it so great; it’s not chiseled on a stone tablet.