How do you make a statement when there’s not much to state? How do you talk about parking lot bumpers without boring people? It’s a common dilemma for business owners in B2B and industrial markets. Sometimes you need to go all in and get technical, boring everyone but a tightly focused target audience. Other times it’s best to simplify the presentation and let images speak for themselves.

Indiana Barrier Company makes precast concrete parking bumpers sign bases. That’s about all there is to say about IBC. But there’s so much to see. For their website, the challenge was to use existing photographs and brand materials to communicate with a minimum amount of written content. Everyone understands what a parking bumper is. shows you how this bumper company is different.

The existing IBC logo and branding gave us a great foundation to build on. With a vibrant blue and chunky, modern typography, the logo set the tone for the rest of the web design. This is the ideal situation. When a brand’s identity is already polished-up and strong, you keep everything else simple. Additionally, IBC had a large library of photographs featuring their products and production facility. Rather than talk about parking bumpers, we constructed image slideshows and an easy-to-read specification sheet. Sidebar buttons provide quick access to online request forms that feed right to IBC’s staff.

And since the IBC website is powered by WordPress, all of the behind-the-scenes controls work just like the other websites managed by their team. The same skills they learned with us on previous projects apply to this new website. No need for retraining, just a quick refresher session over the phone and we turned over the keys.

This is also our third truly mobile responsive website. The whole design smartly folds in to display everything just right on mobile devices. I’m proud to say we realized a design that’s straightforward, sturdy (yet flexible) and bold. There’s still a little work to be done by IBC to fill out their content, but everything is in place to give Indiana Barrier Company a great start online. Take a closer look at

Indiana Barrier Company



This website was designed by Roundpeg, an Indianapolis marketing strategy firm.