Firefox MobileGoogle recently announced upgrades to their AdWords platform. For small business users, the Enhanced Campaigns upgrade should simplify the process of launching and managing an AdWords program. While larger companies can afford to have a staff person or an agency constantly monitoring and tweaking ads, the wide array of alternatives  mobile only, search, display network, etc.) can be overwhelming for small companies.

So what has changed?

Goodbye Device Specific Ads

We have seen a shift in how we use our computers and mobile devices, and the line between device types gets blurrier all the time. These upgrades allow ads to move seamlessly from one device to another. For most small business owners, this is a blessing.  They can spend less time tweaking their placement strategy and more time focusing  on the user experience once they click through to the ad.

More Extension Options 

Extensions are extra bits of information you can attach to an ad, like a map or telephone number. Extremely valuable from mobile applications, the extensions allow someone to move to buying mode quickly. Enhanced campaigns allow you to create one ad but vary the extensions based on the time of day or the location of the user. It’s easier than ever to send them to a store close to them when they’re ready to buy.

More Geographic Targeting. 

You will now be able to vary your bid by geography.  This is particularly helpful if you serve more than one market.  New York City Lawyer, and Long Island lawyer are not the same phrase, one may be significantly more expensive to bid on.  Now you can pick and choose terms with very narrow geographic targets spending limited advertising funds to reach people closest to you

How does it affect you?

Pay-per-click ads are becoming more and more important as part of your marketing strategy. They find customers when they’re ready to buy, and increasingly, where they’re ready to buy. You need to be ready to take advantage of customers at exactly the right time. Ready to get started? We can help you decide if AdWords is right for you.

photo credit: Johan Larsson via photopin cc