The basic components of a website are simple: header, navigation, content, footer. In the early 2000s, as businesses began to realize the importance of websites, a variety of instant website builders sprung up, from one-page specials to online journals. For businesses, a Blogger or LiveJournal account provides a free space on the Internet. Everyone says you need a website, right? Boom. Quickie set-ups have your business online tonight.

Except your credibility with customers takes a hit when someone else’s name and logo trample the header and footer of your space. DECA Environmental took the next step with us to reclaim their website and upgrade to a custom WordPress web design for

We used many of the same graphic design elements they liked from their old Blogger website, basics like the logo and header. They also had good site organization, content and almost a year of quality blog posts. The WordPress Import tool allowed us to instantly copy the blog posts and content, with no loss of categories, tags or formatting. Our new design utilizes a few key images and solid code to improve site performance and enable the mobile responsive design.

DECA now has their own space on the Internet to grow their business. It’s the same valuable Blogger content, refined and wrapped in colors and branding all their own in WordPress. Check out on your mobile device or desktop.

DECA Environmental



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