Creating quality Google AdWords can seem like wizardry if you’re just starting off a campaign for the first time. Your ad is what people see, but the majority of your campaign’s success doesn’t come from the ad itself. It comes from the foundation of good keywords, a quality landing page, scheduling and accurate bidding. So how much time should you put into writing your ad? Here are a few tried and true rules to writing a good ad:

Get to the Point

Google AdWords has a limit on characters per line. Take the Twitter mentality and cut the fluff from your ad. You can always create multiple ads to focus on each individual theme of your campaign. Most of your ads won’t be complete sentences, but that’s okay. They are short and sweet to cater to the nature of customers looking for information quickly.

Proper Formatting

Google AdWords have a particular formatting style to help ads stand out. An ad formatted properly lends credibility to the campaign and leads to a higher click through rate (CTR). The copy as well as the ad title are capitalized. You can use punctuation between phrases helps break up the message without losing precious characters. It almost goes without saying, but spelling counts.

Include Your Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of your ad campaign. Before you ever run an ad, you should do your homework and find out which keywords perform well. To reinforce the foundation of the campaign, include your keywords in the ad copy. Your customer searched a specific keyword and seeing it in the ad will increase their confidence in your business and the ad.

Call to Action

Ending your ad with a call to action will help your ad’s CTR success. Offer customers a discount, a free white paper or to contact you for more information. A strong call to action can make or break your ad copy. It’s your last chance to get your customer to click.

Google offers tutorials and You Tube videos on creating successful campaigns. While the ad is a small piece of the pie, it’s the piece that customers see. Give them the confidence to click on your ad by writing the best ad possible.