Tamre1Who knew December could be a time of growth? December is typically a time to wrap things up and put the finishing touches on plans for the upcoming year. For me, December is my new start as Roundpeg’s digital specialist. I’ll be working with Director of Communications Allison Carter providing content, strategy and social media services to Roundpeg’s clients. I’m always looking to learn more so I try to attend as many conferences, breakfasts and seminars as time allows. I’ve been an early adopter of social media and I’m looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm with Roundpeg.

I knew I’d be jumping headfirst into the Roundpeg deep end of the pool and my first day was exactly what I envisioned when I walked through the door. I was immediately assigned clients, given projects and encouraged to explore. The office cats Truman and Clyde seem generally accepting of my presence and tolerant of constantly having their photos taken.

Social media engagement really drew me to Roundpeg. The opportunity to help businesses get the most out of tools available to them excites me. I enjoy connecting people and fostering relationships through social media channels. I’ve already learned what Roundpeg excels at as a team and how I can find my niche. I’m looking forward to taking ownership of the Roundpeg Facebook page as well as contributing to the other social media accounts.

Born in California but raised in the Midwest, I love everything encompassing “Hoosier Hospitality.” I spent six years in banking and finance as well as a year with Eli Lilly before joining the Roundpeg Team. I’m an avid cook and baker but avoid cleaning up! My current food obsession is homemade fresh pasta. I currently reside in Fishers with my husband and our daughter. You can follow me on Twitter @tamremullins for great restaurant recommendations and photos of food.