Randall Beans has a proud history of homegrown quality and convenience. Its customers are loyal and frequent purchasers. Most of them are baby boomers, America’s economic powerhouses. However, research showed that the babies of baby boomers weren’t buying Randall Beans and had little knowledge of the product. Randall decided it was time to take the kids to school with a new blog.

PoweredByBeans.com is designed to inform and entertain health-conscious consumers. While RandallBeans.com maintains the time-tested Midwestern charm of the company brand, this blog is styled to appeal to younger generations. Jenna’s fantastic logo puts an athletic spin on visual cues from Randall Beans’ primary brand. The minimalist web design lets the bold logo and strong, action-oriented images take front-stage. Visitors are drawn down to a stream of blog content appearing below those introductory elements.

I think first time homepage visitors will be struck by the bright photography and vibrant logo up front, getting a taste of the active and  fun lifestyle supported by Randall Beans. Three strong calls-to-action and the blog stream below invite them to take part with healthy recipes, success stories of sponsored athletes and ideas for their own adventures.

Randall Beans’ logo and opportunities to purchase the product are embedded throughout the blog. These make it clear that Powered by Beans gets its energy from the core brand. Younger audience members looking for immediate ways to get in on the action have opportunities at-hand to join in.

Looking for fresh and fast recipes? Need some inspiration to get your work-out on track? Visit poweredbybeans.com to see our work up close and get Powered by Beans.
Powered by Beans



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