Web Design Built with WordPress Helps Vet Get Noticed

The Internet is all about being found and finding others to share with. For most individuals, Facebook or Twitter and an RSS feed is enough to enjoy this engagement. For businesses, it’s a totally different story.

You must have a website. Allison wrote a fantastic post about The 3 Biggest Lies in Social Media. Thinking a business Facebook page is enough to draw throngs of customers is one of them. You can’t depend on social media channels to consistently communicate with your audience, so you need a website. Pendleton Veterinary Clinic got in touch with us to step beyond Facebook and build a brand new, better home on the Internet.

PendletonVet.com was a Flash-based website, inaccessible to many mobile devices and unreadable to search engines. Our redesign is built with WordPress, making it super friendly to Google and the latest smartphones. This powerful blogging software is easy to use and gives business owners control over their content without burying it in computer code. While you don’t need to blog to use WordPress, we’re happy Pendleton Veterinary Clinic is blogging with photos of their animal friends and helpful information for pet owners. Posting simple, short blog posts on their website will keep visitors (and Google) coming back to get to know the business better. Unlike their Facebook page, this new website and WordPress blog won’t change without warning and will always give customers new things to see in a format they’re comfortable with.

For small businesses, a website is a vehicle you can depend on to keep working for you to help you get noticed by customers. PendletonVet.com helps the clinic stand out and lets the staff share stories of animals they have healed and rescued. They share these wonderful stories on Facebook of course, but each post it designed to bring people back to their own pages with their own branding, their own cat pictures, and everything them. We’re proud to work with Pendleton Veterinary Clinic on this new home base. Visit PendletonVet.com and take a closer look at the new website.

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