Modern Web Design Gives Staffing Company an Upgrade

In 2009, Crown Services, Inc. debuted a brand new website full of helpful information and useful functionality for job seekers and employers. By 2012, this website needed an upgrade. It had a good run, but a redesign was past due.

Crown Services provides staffing services and job placement for manufacturing, healthcare, warehouse and professional positions. Founded in 1968, the company now operates from thirty-five offices throughout the Midwest and Florida.

Old Crown Services WebsiteFor three years, the old website served two distinct audiences. Strong calls to action and sidebar navigation helped both job seekers and potential employers find answers and solutions. There was no need to change the essential structure and placement of the web design elements. It was up to us to design something brand new on a strong foundation.

A large image slider dominates the homepage. Its selection of images demonstrates the diversity and range of staffing positions serviced by Crown. Below the slider is a row of call to action buttons. These simple icons achieve the same navigational purpose as the tiles on the old website, but with a crisp, modern style. Like way-finding signage, they direct visitors to their next destination. A sidebar to the right collects logos and membership badges. A recent posts column calls new attention to the Crown Services blog. Fresh articles get prime placement on the homepage.

Thanks to NMP Consulting for coding and programming the new homepage based on our web design.

It’s hard to say what websites will look like in three years, but I have to think a simple and professional look will always be in style. View the website at

Crown Services