Sometimes, the shortest speeches have the biggest impact. After all, It took just three minutes for Abraham Lincoln to deliver the Gettysburg Address. That’s 272 words, for those of you playing along at home. In that handful of words, Lincoln managed to create words that will live forever and utterly changed everyone who heard them.

Me? I’m not aiming for anything nearly so lofty. But I’ve got just eight minutes and five slides to teach a crowd full of dreamers at the 2012 Techpoint Innovation Summit why they should be creating a visual content strategy–and how to go about doing it. The whole day is going to be filled with rapid-fire presentations that’ll rock your face with awesome information and then get the heck out of the way. For those who need slightly more than eight minutes to make their point, big name speakers like Seth Godin will be on hand with long-form knowledge bombs.

Conferences like TechPoint Innovation Summit give us all a chance to recharge our batteries and get fired up with new ideas. Hope to see some of you there.