Upgrade from Instant-Page Gives Link A Polished New Look

Ever wonder about those “instant website builders” and no-expertise-required web designs? There’s a reason they’re cheap and instant. Like Totino’s Pizza Rolls, a snack-sized website can’t truly satisfy your web visitors. You can’t just zap! a cool and valuable website into existence.

However, if you think you’re stuck with a bare-bones insta-website, stop thinking like that. Link Printing Services had one of these mini-pages and we made it easy for Link to upgrade from a single rudimentary page to a complete WordPress web design.

Link delivers a complete portfolio of printing services with devoted and local customer service. They didn’t want an online sales portal. Nor did they want to offer a lot of information. More than anything, Link Printing Services wants visitors to pick up the phone. Their first website actually did everything they needed. It gave an introductory paragraph along with contact information and some description of the services. But there was no logo, no connection to the established brand and no personality.

For small businesses like Link, personality and real, human customer service can make the difference. Using the same written material as the old website, we quickly built a foundation for the new website. By adding carefully chosen images and graphics, linkprintingservices.com filled out into a professional and friendly place to find information about the business. And you can even find the find the phone number once or twice on every page with a quick glance.

Visit linkprintingservices.com to see our work.


This website was designed by Roundpeg, an Indianapolis marketing strategy firm.

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