There are many, many things your business can outsource. Accounting, human resources, janitorial services. Large swaths of marketing can be outsourced, too: copywriting and strategy creation and graphic design and web design all can, and arguably even should, be outsourced to a company which specializes in those things so you can focus on your business. Even content creation like blogs can, with the proper oversight from your company and interaction from you, can be successfully outsourced.

All of those areas require very specific skill sets honed over years. They’re technical skills it’s usually not effective for a small business owner to acquire. However, when it comes to social media marketing, out-sourcing the day-to-day business of tweeting, posting on Facebook, pinning photos, connecting on LinkedIn and so on, is always more effective when it comes from within your business

I know, I know. Roundpeg offers social media execution. We will absolutely run your social media accounts for you, and we’ll be successful at it. But we won’t be as successful as you would be if we helped you create a clear plan, define your goals, train you in the tools and let you be your brand.

Why? You know your business. You are your business. You’re immersed every day in the ins and outs of your industry. You hear the questions from your customers and you understand what matters to them, not just academically, but you get it in your guts and in your bones. It’s what makes you successful. You don’t realize it, but you know exactly the kinds of things they want to see from you on social media. You know the kinds of articles you should be sharing, the tidbits which will interest people, the way to draw people into your business and create a connection.

Also, you know your company’s culture in a way an outsider never will. No matter how much time an outsourced social media hand might spend in your company, they’re still an outsider. There will still be a niggling doubt if this is the right thing to share, if this captures the voice and tone of your company. And if you’re managing a Twitter account, it’s almost impossible to stop and approve every tweet if you’re truly engaging in conversation with your audience.

Social media outsourcing works; social media performed in-house with guidance and training from a company which specializes in this stuff works best. If you’re considering taking the plunge into social media, look around your organization. Who knows your business best? Who’s best with your customers? Who do you trust the most? Those might be the next voices of your social media. Then it’s just a matter of training, strategy, goal-setting and oversight to make sure everything’s on track.

What do you think? Is social media most successful in-house or outsourced? Would you ever outsource you social media execution?

photo credit: Tadson via photopin cc