Getting A Web Design Started on the Right Foot

Foot One Mechanix is a medical clinic, focusing on the foot and ankle as the foundation to the human suprastructure.  The practice includes non-invasive treatments such as  healthy shoes, shoe modifications, shoe inserts, foot and ankle orthoses and prevention treatment plans.

Their broad practice treats athletes, seniors and children. We needed to develop a web design that would appeal to all segments of their market. With so many different segments, that can be tricky. How did we manage? Pictures. Each image on the rotating slider was designed to appeal to an individual segment.

Foot 1

The challenge with using so many photos is finding something to go in each photo slot. For this, we relied on a range of sources. Some came from the client, some came from stock photography sites. This project reinforced for us how important it is to take photos regularly so you have images when you need them for your website, social media and other marketing activities.

Another  complicating factor in this design was the size of the website.  With so many practice areas, there was a lot of content the client needed to provide. One of the benefits of  WordPress is the ability to put pages in draft so they don’t appear until the content is completed. This allowed us to build the shell, then hide some of the pages, which the client will complete over time.  This way they can start off on the right foot and build over time.



We put together a list of the most common mistakes we see and how to correct them and compiled a new mini ebook, Why People Hate Your Website. You can download a free copy here: