Sometimes, It’s Harder to Build a Copy than an Original Web Design

Over the last few months, we have had some interesting web design challenges that were certainly a departure from our typical web design process.

For one client, we simply created an image for another web designer to turn into a functioning website. A second project had us performing just the opposite side of the project taking a concept from another designer in which we transformed a sketch into a website. Yancey Marketing  presented yet another interesting challenge.

In this case, the client had built a website using outdated software. He had great basic graphics, but the site wasn’t working correctly. He came to us to help him move the site to a WordPress platform, which would be easier for him to update as his business expanded. Essentially, we replicated his design in a new format, making subtle changes to improve the user experience.

The most challenging part of the process was finding a theme which would provide a solid foundation for the design. We learned that sometimes, creating a copy is harder than coming up with a completely new look. Once the foundation was complete, the other pieces fell in to place easily. Along the way, we showed him how adding a small text description to each of his videos would transform them into mini case studies, and provide additional hooks for search engines.

Ideally, we prefer to build a web site from start to finish, but projects like this test our creativity in different ways.

Yancey Marketing

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