Brad Pugh, founder of Clutterbugs, had a very clear vision when he came to Roundpeg. We have shown you his  logo, but now we are ready to unveil his website in preparation for the launch of his new business in July.

Unlike some of the other professional organizers we have worked with in the past, Brad has a strong interest in bringing his organizing skills into more industrial settings. It was an interesting challenge to  build a website that didn’t seem too harsh for residential clients or too simple for commercial.

Like many of our WordPress websites, Clutterbugs is launching with room to grow. As Brad begins working with clients, he will be easily be able to add before and after photos and examples of his work. We also hope he will share his expertise in the blog which is currently hidden on the site.


I imagine his business will change dramatically in the next 18 months as he works with clients and discovers the things which are most important to them. As the business changes, this web design can change with him. We built the site using a WordPress theme so he will be able to make many of the adjustments himself along the way.

It would great if we all had a crystal ball  as we launched our new businesses and knew exactly what was going to work best, but that is part of the challenge. But however Brad’s business grows, his web site will keep up with his growth.