We often talk about life in the little white house.  And although we invite guests to drop by when they are in the neighborhood, it’s not always practical. So what does it really look like inside this somewhat crazy, cat-infested office?  Now you can find out.

Taking advantage of a new feature available on our Google Local page, we can now expand our map so you can see our address, street view and the interior of our building. With just a few clicks you can step in through the front door and walk our halls.

No, it’s not creepy. It is actually kind of cool. You can see our colorful bulletin boards, busy desks and even the window views we see while we’re working. There are no people, because Google Local requires you to blur face so they don’t have to worry about getting releases from anyone caught on camera.  There are not, however, any rules about cats.  So look closely, and you will see Truman and Clyde pop up in some shots.

For an official visit with our pets and a more detailed tour of our little white house, you’ll have to come visit us. But for now, feel free to take a peek inside.

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Interested in learning more about adding this inside view feature to your website, Google Local page and map or  Facebook page? Give us a call, we will be happy to share our experiences with  you. Or contact www.tourthemap.com to arrange a photo shoot.  Be sure to tell them you liked our page