We were surprised to discover that a medical practice as large as Indiana Nephrology did not have a website. With multiple offices around the city, it seemed natural they would have a comprehensive listing of their doctors, offices and hours of operation. And now they do.

The site is built, as all our websites are, on a WordPress platform. This time we relied on a StudioPress theme for the foundation. However, this relatively small site presented a few challenges for our design team.

The bill pay function was probably the most challenging aspect of the site. Indiana Nephrology had already started working with First Data, which was new for us. It took us a bit to get used to this payment portal, but once we discovered they integrate seamlessly with Formstack, our life was a lot easier.

We also relied on Formstack for new patient admission and doctor referral forms.  This transition from handwritten to electronic will save them a lot of time in setting up new patients.  There are still many downloadable PDFs for patients to print and bring with them. Working with many older patients, they were concerned that too many online forms would be overwhelming.

The site is still a work in progress. They expect the site to expand as each of the doctors has a chance to look it over later this month.  But we are excited to have it launched so they can begin using it to make their practice more efficient.

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