Life is good here at Roundpeg. Our summer interns seem to have settled in nicely and the weather is just fine. Allison took a few days off and is now back refreshed. In case you took a day off, too, and missed any of our blog posts, here they are:

Saturday – West Winds Nursery: How Does Your Website’s Garden Grow?
Recently, one of our long-distance clients asked us to make over another one of their websites.

Sunday – $25 For Olive Oil-How United Airlines Lost a Customer
If you have a customer loyalty program, make sure it is geared towards rewarding your best customers.

Monday – Pain: The Key to Great Marketing
As a marketer, your goal is to find your customer’s pain even if your customer doesn’t recognize that pain.

MTFW: Content is King – But Where Do You Find It?
This week we chatted with Colin Clark, founder of Tribeswell, who shared some of his favorite tricks and strategies to generate content.

Tuesday – How To Get Press Coverage in One Easy Step
Having interesting,  relevant news is the one surefire way to get press coverage.

Wednesday – Notes From a Rookie
Jessica comments on her first couple of weeks at the ‘peg.

Thursday – Why You Need Vacations
We are really glad she is back, but Allison explains why everyone needs a vacation to recharge,  renew and reinvigorate.

Friday – Website Wars: Obama versus Romney
What matters most as we move towards the next presidential election year? In the world according to Peter, it’s the candidates’ websites.