If you pull up next to me at a traffic light, you are going to see something a little unusual. It is going to appear as if I am talking to myself. I want you to know I am not really as crazy as I look. Please note,  I didn’t say I wasn’t crazy just not that crazy.

So why am I talking to myself? You see, my primary learning style is auditory. That means I process information better if I hear it. So years ago I learned to work on my presentations in my car. I never write my speeches down; I simply work through sections out loud, testing phrases and pacing until I find something that sounds exactly right.

I often use this same technique  as a foundation of my blogging strategy. Talking through my ideas  helps me write better blog posts. I often write a paragraph and read it aloud. I edit the text based on the way it sounds. This is probably why I use so many extra commas. I hear the pauses and think a comma needs to be there so everyone else will hear it as well.

About six months ago, I started recording random thoughts and ideas to use as blog post starters. It worked so well, I expanded the process and now you can often find me dictating entire posts into my iPhone as I am driving in my car, thus the crazy muttering at stoplights.

I often record the post two or three times. I listen to the recording and adjust the flow, just as  other people write, edit and rewrite a post. Some people think into a keyboard; I think into a voice recorder.

There is still some editing required once I type the post, but embracing my natural work style has made blogging much easier and better. I  really like many of the posts I have created in the last few months because they sound like me. They are more natural, more conversational and yet still informational.

This technique may not work for everyone, but if you are struggling with writing, get a voice recorder and try using it in car. Don’t worry that others think you are talking to yourself, because the process of recording then writing will help you talk to lots of people through your blog in the long run.